We are born into this world naked. Without clothes, but also without the understanding of what is happening around us. Yet we learn how to walk, talk, and get familiar with how our body, mind and the world around us function.

Have you ever felt naked landing in a country, where things look so different from what you are used to and you don’t exactly know how to behave or what is polite? I love traveling and I love that feeling. It’s impressive how quickly a human can adjust, and sometimes after just a couple of days in the country you feel like you have managed to put on ‘underpants and a t-shirt’ at least.

This blog is about my travels and discoveries. I used to keep a paperback photo book with stories next to it, until the internet took over and showed me how nice it is to access those memories at all times.

I hope you enjoy the posts. And maybe they also prove useful in planning your trip or getting inspiration.

❤️ nakedgiraffe