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Travel Archives - Naked in the World

The islands of the Philippines

Philippines wasn’t in our original list of countries for the big trip. But getting licensed as scuba divers was. So after some googling it turned out that Philippines are amazing for diving and among the best in the budget range. From people met along the way we managed to narrow down that Coron is the best island for it. So…

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Singapore is known to be innovative, fast-paced and in general a role-model on the ‘zero to hero’ sample. This of course put it on our list of potential places to live in after the travels. So when we saw that the best way to get from Myanmar to Philippines is via Singapore anyway we decided to take a day to…

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Mingalaba in the country where you need to master the perfect circle before you can learn how to write. Entry into the country was so easy, the woman stamping my passport didn’t ask any questions. Moreover, we got SIM-cards at the airport and I could pay for it by card and they set it up for me in less than…

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3-day trek from Kalaw to Inle lake

Choosing whom to go with A couple of days ago, in the evening of our arrival in Kalaw we visited the various agencies and decided in the end for Ever Smile Trekking (EST). It was mesmerising how much the pricing varies for literally the same trek. The popular Jungle King agency seemed like a conveyer belt service, whereas price didn’t…

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Kalaw, Myanmar

Kalaw is such a great place I thought it deserves it’s own post! 🙂 Definitely worth spending at least a couple of nights, if you don’t have time to take a proper break in this mountain village. We arrived from Bagan by microbus at around 4pm. Our hotel Golden Kalaw Inn wasn’t anything great, but it did the job and…

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Bagan, Myanmar

May I just start with the fact that Myanmar has the fanciest and most comfortable night buses I have ever seen. Yes, in India we took a bus that had an actual double bed in it, which was very nice. But here you get leather seats that recline well, a lot of legroom, a pillow and a blanket, snacks, a…

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Freedom in Myanmar

Even before nakedgiraffe went into her isolation camp I got on the bus to Mawlamyine, towards the south of Myanmar. Along the way I noticed that, like many poor countries, Myanmar wastes a lot of money to add new useless religious monuments, for example, massive buddha statues. Most natural attractions are also covered in stupas, buddha statues and altars. I…

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Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian capital provided us with the much needed luxury for a long weekend between India and Myanmar. Plus it was so easy to get into the country and no fees or visas charged. Bliss. We went “all out” and got ourselves an Airbnb with a rooftop pool. After 2 months in India, and a month in Nepal, in mostly…

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Hugging Amma

We stayed a night in a “village” called Karunagappally, it was the closest to the ashram we could find a decent accommodation in. When we arrived, noone was there and the house seemed abandoned. We had made a booking on booking.com so V gave them a call – number is no longer valid. Convinced this place is no longer rented…

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